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Do Name Badges Matter? Yes, They Do!

A survey in 2012 found that a massive 76% of respondents felt more trust in a company whose staff wore name badges.

The reach of promotional merchandise

Promotional merchandise can see a company logo used and seen all day, every day - greatly improving brand exposure.

Direct Mail for beginners [Infographic]

If you are looking to get your message in front of prospects, direct mail is the medium for you.

Make promotional products the stars of your marketing [Infographic]

Did you know: 87% of recipients will keep a promotional gift for longer than 12 months?

10 things to ask your embroiderer

Do the number of colours in my logo affect the price of my t-shirts? How big can I have my logo? Our embroidery team answers all these and more.

Tips to exhibition success

Exhibitions can provide outstanding rewards for those who take time to plan effectively. Here are some tips to maximize your chances of success.

7 stages of key account development

We have identified seven primary stages that may help your organisation realise the full value of its key accounts.