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A recent survey* of 1,000 men and women revealed that 96% of total respondents felt it was important to recognise a person by name when doing business, whilst 76% stated that they had more trust in a business and considered the company to be more professional when their employees wore name badges.

With over 40 years of name badge printing experience, Recognition Express is your ideal partner for top quality badges, ID cards and lanyards. As one of the first companies to introduce name badges into Europe, we have built up considerable expertise in the production and supply of all types of identity badges and can deliver quantities from a one off for a new employee, all the way up to thousands for large corporates.

Whether you’re representing your business at a conference, event or in the workplace, we know how important it is to maintain a favourable image. An impressive name badge can not only help provide a unique identity but also unite teams, help deliver better communication and promote your company.

Wearing a name badge offers an easy way of expressing a sense of professionalism and improving face to face relationships between your staff and customers. With our help, we can save you any awkwardness of forgetting names by customers and colleagues whilst providing an additional benefit of security in the workplace.

With Recognition Express, you can enjoy big benefits from a small expense. With a wide range of materials to choose from, our badges can be made in any shape or colour, tailored to suit the individual needs and budget of each customer.

If you’re in need of an innovative solution for badge, ID card and lanyard requirements, ask your local Recognition Express contact for details and advice.

*Survey conducted by Social Science Research Solutions.

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