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When you walk down the road, pop into a shop or open the door to a tradesman or supplier, one of the first things most of us notice is the physical appearance of others. What are people wearing? Do they look smart? Is it a look I’d like to copy?

Visual impact is a vital element of any marketing strategy and clothing is one of the best ways to get your brand in front of the customer.

At Recognition Express, we offer several different personalised clothing options, which are suitable for a range of applications. The most apt garment for this time of year is the trusty jacket. For the colder months we have a selection of thermal and insulated jackets, which are highly effective at keeping out the cold and soft-shell jackets for warmer climates. All our jackets come with their own custom branding areas, ready for your company logo. 

Promotional outerwear is an effective and fashionable way to promote your business. Time and again, promotional products have been proven to increase brand awareness and encourage brand loyalty.

When business owners think about providing staff with personalised workwear they usually think about t-shirts, polos, or safety equipment. For many businesses though, a branded jacket will have a greater impact than any other personalised workwear.

Surveyors, builders, inspectors, architects, garden centre assistants and other professions where staff are working outside or making site visits are the main types of workforces where branded jackets should be your promotional item of choice. Here’s how branded outer garments can benefit both employees and promote your business at the same time.  

Staff Morale

Your staff will appreciate a warm jacket if they are expected to work outside. Not only will a branded jacket engender a sense of corporate  belonging, but it will also help keep their own clothes clean.

Professional Image

Logo workwear helps create a professional image and this in turn increases the level of trust in your business.  First impressions count. When your staff visit customer premises in a branded jacket high expectations are set. A smart team suggests quality work will be carried out.


A jacket will always be on show, acting as a permanent marketing tool no matter the weather. Wherever your members of staff go, people will see your branding. This helps to make a long-lasting impression that could lead to more business. Branded jackets are also seen as high-value corporate gifts and can become desirable items.

Team Camaraderie

Having branded work jackets boosts team spirit, increasing productivity and camaraderie among employees.

From branded workwear jackets to personalised activewear jackets we have many great options available at a variety of price points to suit all budgets.  Whether you know exactly what you need or would like our knowledgeable buying specialists to help guide you, contact us today to find out more.

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