Next to pens, mugs are one of the most sought-after corporate gifts.

The days of the office tea lady are long gone. Today’s workplaces either have coffee machines which use disposable cups or provide a kitchen area where staff can make their own hot drinks.

Office mug culture could make a study for psychologists in its own right!  There’s always the person who has their favourite mug, the ones who always make the tea and the ones who never do and of course the age-old issue over whose turn it is to wash up the cups at the end of the day.

At Recognition Express we can’t help with the washing up, but we can help you build an innovative campaign around mugs or re-usable drink containers. Promotional mugs are a cost effective yet impactful way to get your company name in front of customers and keep it there. Studies show that out of all branded products, mugs stay in the workplace longer than any other item – up to four years in some cases!

And with coffee chains imposing a cup charge, branded re-usable hot drink cups or thermal mugs are also desirable items -giving your company name daily exposure and saving their users money at the same time.

At Recognition Express we have 40 years’ experience in helping customers deliver campaigns that get results. Get in touch with your local Recognition Express to access a wealth of tried and tested innovative promotional mug ideas.

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