Oil & Gas event delegates go quackers for rubber duckies


A customer of Recognition Express North East Scotland reports that branded rubber ducks have been ‘flying off the stand’ at industry exhibitions. They have quickly become a sought-after collectible, giving the customer valuable opportunities to engage with potential clients.

The customer, Atexor, designs and manufactures lighting and power distribution systems for the oil and gas industry. Events in this sector are notoriously large-scale and exhibition space is expensive. What’s more, they’re dominated by global giants with big budgets. Much of the time, small and medium sized companies feel they have to be there, but their stands are so overshadowed that they’re left wondering if it’s worth the investment.

This is where a canny promotional item can make all the difference.

Dennis D’Arcy, owner of Recognition Express North East Scotland, explains:

“As a lighting specialist, Atexor likes to create visual impact with exhibition space. So, they filled their relatively small stand with branded yellow ducks to achieve this cost-effectively. They were pleasantly surprised at the number of people approaching the stand and asking if they could take a duck home.

“For the next event, they opted to spice things up with pink ducks. These proved even more popular than the yellow ones. In fact, they had people pleading with them for ducks after they ran out. They have become a talking point, and give potential customers a reason to seek out Atexor’s stand. Naturally, once they are at the stand conversations begin and new business opportunities can develop.”

Black rubber ducks are next on the agenda for Atexor. Simply changing the colour increases their desirability and collectability, encouraging repeat visits from potential customers. 

So, next time one of your customers is getting their ducks in a row for an industry event, ask if they’ve considered the rubber variety.

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