Promotional Confectionery Ideas


Most people enjoy chocolate and sweets, so confectionery that is branded with the name of your company can be an excellent form of promotional giveaway. Recognition Express offer a large range of confectionery and sweets that can be branded with specific company logos, including chocolate, jelly beans and lollies. The selection of promotional items related to confectionery and sweets from Recognition Express is truly diverse, innovative and exciting.


Mints are a very popular form of sweet, and the Credit Card Mint Container is thus a very popular giveaway. It contains around fifty mints, branded with your company name and logo, in a wide variety of different colours. Other excellent options for mint lovers include The Click Clack Mint Tin, which comes with a resealable snap-on lid, the Mint Mint Cube, which can be printed with your brand on every side of the cube, Star Tin Mints, with a convenient hinge which makes it very difficult to lose or drop the tin, and the Silver Tower Tin Filled with Mints, which comes with 30g of mini mints, which are sugar-free.

Other sweets

The range of promotional confectionery available from Recognition Express is not limited to mints, of course! Energy and Isotonic Drink Cans are also available to purchase, to add some fizz to your brand promotion, while the Jelly Belly Dinky offers you the chance to mix up your company colours with the well-known Gourmet Jelly Beans.

This is also an option with the 30g bag of Jelly Belly Beans, which can also be filled with Standard Jelly Beans, Chocolate Beans, or Mint Imperials. Other choices include 5g Neapolitan Square Chocolates, Corporate Branded Fortune Cookies, 10g flat lollies which come complete with printed wrappers, and an exclusive new twist on the old Twister favourite.

Catching the attention of your customers can be pretty sweet with Recognition Express!

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