Promotional Gifts Last for Years!


The average time someone keeps a promotional item is around 2.5 years*. So if you’re looking for a cost effective way to keep your name in front of your customers why not use promotional products to engage with your audience?

Generally, companies want to make a long lasting impression with their customer base, and the good news is that there is one sure-fire and highly cost effective method of going about doing so – with the use of promotional items!

Long term exposure

The great thing about promotional items is that they have an average lifespan of at least two and a half years, which means that a fairly inexpensive giveaway will keep your company name in front of customers on a long term basis. Recognition Express offers a wide array of products that can be used as promotional items, to ensure your customers will be exposed to your company name and brand over a long period of time

Come to Recognition Express for all your promotional needs!

If you are looking for a way to promote a new product or service being offered by your company, then you should get in touch with Recognition Express as soon as possible. The range of products available as branded items from Recognition Express include promotional umbrellas, mouse mats, pens, mobile phone holders and much more besides. Recognition Express can discuss the needs of your company and help you choose the promotional item that will be best for your firm.

The usefulness of promotional items

In addition to their longevity, promotional items also serve to increase company exposure and recognition among customers and potential customers alike. The range of products available at Recognition Express will help your company to keep its brand awareness high with the people who count – and that increased awareness often leads to a much higher degree of customer loyalty and repeat business. From highlighters, pencils and golf accessories to personalised clothing, bags and mugs, promotional items from Recognition Express will help you achieve greater brand awareness and exposure, for years to come.

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