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Promotional products work. In research carried out by the BPMA 76% of the marketers surveyed will keep a promotional item given to them and 73% will subsequently go on to buy from that company.

According to research from the BPMA, promotional items work in a highly effective way for the companies that choose to make use of them. 76 percent of all surveyed marketers keep the promotional items that they are given, with 73 percent then likely to purchase from the very firm that gave them the item.

Promotional items serve to keep the name of your company firmly in the mind of those who receive them, and the more useful and durable those items are, the longer customers (and potential customers) will remember your firm. The simple reality is that firms who use such tactics are able to stand out from their competitors, and there is no better way to do the same for your own firm than to use the services of promotional items experts Recognition Express.

Say thank you while promoting your company

Promotional items can also be an excellent method of expressing appreciation to loyal customers, while continuing to promote your brand at the same time. Recognition Express exists for the sole purpose of helping companies to be able to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, and we have decades of experience in doing just that, remaining at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Achieve your goals with Recognition Express

Companies who use the amazing range of promotional items available from Recognition Express do so year after year, because these items genuinely help them to realise their goals. From USB sticks, umbrellas and mugs, to clothing, pens and much more besides, there is almost no limit to the incredible array of goods that can be purchased as promotional items from Recognition Express. Whatever goals, budget or deadlines your company may be concerned with, the solution you are looking for really is just a phone call away – with Recognition Express!

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