4 affordable promotional product ideas for startups


Every startup needs a way to spread the word about their brand and to get remembered. Promotional giveaway items are an excellent way of doing this, especially if you will be attending trade shows, networking events, meet ups and business events. Promotional gifts are and affordable and effective way of creating a lasting memory with potential new customers and are perfect for startup businesses. To help you on your way to being the market leader of your industry we’ve put together a list of promotional products suitable for all.

Promotional Pens

Pens can be found in every office and home across the country making it one of the most useful promotional items around. Their practical and light weight design means those using it will regularly be reminded of your brand image. According to a study by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) 83% of survey respondents said if they received a promotional item they were more likely to do business with that brand. We offer a range of promotional pens suitable for a variety of start up businesses including brightly coloured plastic pens, printed pens, eco friendly pens and metal customised pens. For more information on why promotional pens are so effective, check out or blog post, do promotional pens work?


Keyrings are a highly cost effective promotional product, and we cater for orders both large and small. No matter the industry, you’re sure to find a printed keyring that suits your brand ethos from wooden keyrings for those wanting to demonstrate their sleek design to small and large custom shaped keyrings, for those wanting to keep things clean and simple. We also offer a variety of promotional keyrings that have additional purposes including bottle openers, radiator keys and trolley coins, which will help your brand message gain more exposure. All of our keyrings can be customised with your brand name, logo or message of your choice, which is perfect for spreading the word of your new business.


Everyone loves a sweet treat and what better way to get potential new customers to pay attention to your business than with branded sweets and confectionary. All of our sweets giveaways can be customised and branded with your image for maximum impact and brand recognition. When it comes to delicious treats Recognition Express has so much to choose from, including mint tins and boxes, mini jelly bean bags and jars, lollipops, chocolate and so much more. What better way to reward your existing customers as well as get new customers on board.

Tote bags

We are all becoming a bit more conscious when it comes to our use of plastic and our canvas promotional bags are a sure fire way to show that your startup business is ahead of the game. Reusable bags are a must in most households and are ever so handy for business events. Everytime they are used in public it's free advertising for your business and is a great way of firming your relationship with new customers. We offer an excellent range of natural cotton bags available in a variety of colours, textures and sizes. So whether you’re gifting cotton shoppers or using woven canvas bags to carry your promotional materials, our reusable tote bags are a must have item that will be used by your customers again and again.

Now that you know a bit more about the promotional products we offer, why not get in touch and make an enquiry today.

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