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The origins of work uniforms can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when workers would wear badges on their clothes to denote a specific job role. Fast forward to the 21st century and we are still wearing badges as part of our uniform, but we’ve made a few nifty upgrades too!

Our workwear range is designed for style and comfort to withstand the rigours of everyday work. Using modern embroidery equipment we can achieve high quality logo reproductions and apply it professionally to all workwear and any other garments.

Personalised workwear is great for brand identity, creating a sense of belonging and equality, and it can also deliver functional benefits like keeping employees safe in high-vis clothing. By simply adding a logo to your company uniform you instantly establish a market presence that is unique and promotes your organisation. All of these factors combine to increase your brand awareness.

The uniform your employees wear is the first impression your company creates. Uniforms send a message about your level of professionalism, your expertise, and your approachability. And, according to at least one independent study, 75% of customers prefer it when service employees wear uniforms.  

It’s not just customers you’ll leave happy, but some 40% of tradespeople went on to say that wearing a uniform gives them pride in their work and makes their job easier, whilst 31% stated that wearing a uniform makes them feel more productive at work. So they’re clearly worth the investment!

Our workwear garments are suitable for a wide variety of trades. We can offer workwear packs – a bespoke service to fit individual requirements. Whether you need fleeces, polo shirts, trousers, high-vis jackets – we’ve got it all! Our option of either small or bulk quantity orders means that you can get high quality promotional products tailored to your business, whether you are a nationwide operation or a sole trader.

Get in touch with your local Recognition Express specialist today for more information.

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