Sport has long been affiliated with advertising, and it isn’t hard to see why brands are quick to jump on the sports marketing bandwagon. One of the most recognisable forms of advertising within sport is kit sponsorship. In football, shirt sponsors are now commonplace, but it was Kettering Town that started the trend in 1976 by signing a deal with Kettering Tyres. Having initially banned the club from exhibiting the sponsor on the tops, the FA soon backtracked and the following year, shirt sponsorship was allowed. And what a great opportunity it has become!

There are many benefits to sponsoring a sports team, be it on a large scale or within your local community, including:

1)  Raised brand awareness - By sponsoring a sports team your company logo will potentially be seen every week by players, staff and supporters and through their followers on social media.

2)  Community spirit - By supporting the local team, you will be helping the community. You will be the talk of the town, meaning you will achieve word of mouth alongside visual branding/marketing.

3)  New customers - Players and supporters are more likely to purchase your product or service, as they are passionate about their team and the companies associated with them.

4)  Content Marketing - Sports sponsorship truly is a 360° marketing tool. Your content marketing, digital media, B2B programmes, PR, hospitality, and many more activities can be based on your partnership with an individual or a team.

Alternatively, you may own or manage a sports team and be looking to stand out from the competition with personalised sportswear. Sports teams look for representation both on and off the field. As well as being the professional option, there’s a wide range of benefits of having personalised sportswear, including:

1)  Recognition – For a team, being recognisable as you play in the field is a necessity. It helps supporters and of course the referee has to be able to distinguish between the two sides.  Sports clubs have a rich history and prestige – and personalised sportswear is the perfect way to show this off.  A branded kit will make your team stand out. 

2)  Team Unity – When team members wear their kits, they feel more connected as a unit. Smart strips add to the team spirit and boost the sense of pride for both the sponsor and the team.

3)  Empowerment - Personalised sportswear means that team members play, train and arrive at games in the same uniform. Wearing club colours can be a very empowering feeling.

At Recognition Express we ensure that your team’s kit will always be one that they are proud to wear. Our personalised sportswear is of great quality and provides excellent value for money. Most items can be personalised with your club, team, company logo or slogan.

Whether you know exactly what you need or would like our knowledgeable buying specialists to help guide you, get in touch with your local Recognition Express specialist for more information.

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