Umbrellas – the promotional gift that never disappoints


Where would we be without umbrellas? First introduced to the world by the ancient Egyptians over 3,000 years ago, this handy accessory has been a ‘must have’ ever since.

The Egyptians first fashioned umbrellas from palm leaves, and the use of umbrellas and parasols became a symbol of wealth and status across the world, primarily shielding royalty and noblemen from the sun.

As time went on, parasols were adapted to provide protection from the rain and the fashionable rolled up black umbrella, made famous by the TV character Steed in the Avengers during the 1960s became part of the well-dressed gentleman’s wardrobe, sported by smart city-gents.

The concept of the large, branded version we now call a golf umbrella, was the  brainchild of golfer Arnold Palmer after he won the 1960 US Open.  He struck on the idea of adding branding to multicoloured  umbrellas for the  Palmer Corporation merchandise range – and the rest, as they say is history.

Umbrellas have always been a desirable item – and golfing style umbrellas have topped the list of most sought-after corporate gifts for decades.  The mere mention that an exhibition  stand may be giving out umbrellas creates a stampede – with many exhibitors keeping stocks of these gifts ‘under the counter’ for special visitors only!

Umbrellas provide an excellent, cost effective way to promote your business and keep your company logo on show.  You can never have too many umbrellas and a new one is always welcome.

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