The Polo Shirt is a fashion classic.

The polo shirt is a fashion classic. Smart yet casual it’s a style that looks good on everyone regardless of age, shape or size. 

A branded polo shirt is a cost-effective way to create a uniform corporate appearance and bring together a team. Shirts are available in a host of different colours and can be personalised with text and logos.

But what of its origins?

The first polo shirts were adapted from ordinary uniform shirts by soldiers in the British Army during the late 1800s in India where the game of polo originated. Fed up with their collars flapping as they rode at speed, they sewed a button to the collar to hold it down. This detail was spotted by John E Brooks, grandson of the founder of the famous American clothing brand Brooks Brothers when he watched a polo match in England during a trip to Europe.  He took the concept back to Brooks Brothers where they applied button-down collars to dress shirts. This shirt was introduced in 1896 and became the Button-Down formal shirt which remains one of their best sellers to this day.

Then in the 1920s, tennis player Rene Lacoste adapted the polo shirt further by introducing short sleeves.  Up until this point tennis players rolled up their long sleeves to play so Lacoste’s new designs incorporating the iconic Lacoste crocodile logo began a whole new look for tennis wear. 

Recognition Express has been producing personalised polo shirts for over 30 years. Sourced from only top-quality suppliers, our shirts are made to last, embroidered using the latest technology machines to give that professional finish. 

There’s no minimum quantity – we can produce a single shirt for a special presentation right up to 1000 to be worn by the whole company.  Call us today to discuss your requirements.

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