An excellent and unique gift for winter conferences. Our icescrapers will ensure that your brand will be remembered throughout those cold icy mornings.

Our customisable range includes everything from small “credit card” style scrapers to larger scrapers with handles.

Prices From: £0.33

Snap Credit Card Ice Scraper

Simple, handy and very effective.  A really big branding area and a gift that eveyone will find useful. 

Prices From: £0.89

Green & Good Credit Card Ice Scraper – Recycled

The Green & Good Recycled Plastic Ice Scraper which was made using recycled cd case plastic. 

Prices From: £1.00

Green & Good T-Shaped Ice Scraper – Recycled

The Green & Good Recycled T-Shaped Ice Scraper with rubber strip and made with Recycled CD Case Plastic. 

Prices From: £0.55

Frosty Triangle Ice Scraper

Frosty triangle ice scraper. Triangle ice scraper for removing ice from the windscreen. PS plastic. 

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