The lasting power of the promotional product


In fact, digital marketing is now the only method some companies use to attract and retain their customers. However, a more traditional promotional giveaway can be a far more effective and lower cost strategy to get a business noticed and is of particular benefit to the UK’s 4 million plus SMEs.

Here at Recognition Express we have been helping businesses of all sizes get their brand noticed for the last 40 years. The power of the promotional product should not be underestimated.

Research shows that after receiving a promotional product 89% of people remember the company for up to two years and at least 80% of us have at least one promotional product that we could lay our hands on right now. Promotional products have a lasting impact, far more than a digital advert that is at the top of your Twitter feed one minute and gone within seconds.

My advice to businesses looking to harness the power of promotional products within their marketing strategy is to keep it simple. Choosing items that have an everyday use is a great tactic for ensuring maximum return on investment. Pens having always been in our top ten selling products for example, and for good reason – they are low cost and we all need one. Branded ice scrapers are always well received in the winter and reusable water bottles are  hugely popular as we become ever more environmentally conscious.

With industry revenue estimated to have reached £1.1 billion this year, the promotional products industry has seen steady and continual growth and that’s little wonder when you consider that 85% of people say that receiving a promotional product prompted them to do business with that company.

Whether you give away a keyring, a personalised mug, a branded power bank or the humble pen the effect is the same – a lasting impression is made with tactile brand marketing. There’s no denying that social media is a platform that allows you to reach huge numbers, but the chances are an online advert will be skim read and almost instantly lost. You can’t ignore something that is in your hand!

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