Amongst the smartphone in our bag, there are still many of us who make room for notebooks. They can’t tell you the weather, they don’t play games, and they don’t keep an eye on your social media. They can only tell you, what you yourself have written. Therein lies its simplicity.

The notebook or notepad  is a truly personal object. And still far more customisable. Our terrible handwriting, our pointless doodles and obvious mistakes. Our greatest idea scribbled in between two different meeting notes, meaningless yet meaning the world to us.

Of course, storing ideas in notebooks is nothing new. Carrying a notebook has been an essential part of the creative process for centuries. Leonardo Da Vinci used many notebooks to keep track of his inventions and ideas, Ernest Hemingway developed a reputation for his use of pocket notebooks, whilst Pablo Picasso was quite fond of keeping a sketch notebook.

Modern authors and artists know that their best ideas probably won’t come to them when they’re sitting down at their desks, ready to work. They carry notebooks to make sure that they are always ready when a brilliant thought comes to mind. Even if you aren’t planning on becoming a famous writer or artist, you no doubt have flashes of brilliance during your everyday life, and a notebook will allow you to remember them.

Switching from relying on your phone in every aspect of your life to using a physical notebook can be beneficial for more than just your handwriting. Overusing your phone can lead to sleep issues, anxiety and decreased productivity. Journaling on the other hand is an established technique doctors recommend for combatting mental health issues.

Writing by hand has numerous advantages compared to typing and keeping a notebook on hand is a great way to keep your script skills sharp. Studies find that writing by hand helps you process information better, remember more, and think faster compared to typing. Even those in the most high-tech offices keep a notepad handy for jotting down messages.

Whilst it isn’t possible to go to face to face conferences at the moment, there’s a plethora of interesting online-events to attend – and having a notebook handy to jot down salient facts is far easier than saving the whole webinar.

Sure, notebooks can’t load, upload, sync, download, or even restart. But they don’t need to. They’re truly disconnected, and distraction-free. Notebooks won’t run out of battery and don’t need a software update. The only update you ever need, is a new notebook.

So next time you are looking for a suitable promotional gift why not encourage your valued customers to take a break from their screens and get back to basics for their journaling, to-do lists, sketches, doodles and diagrams with one of Recognition Express’s comprehensive range of notepads.

Click here to see the wide range of notebooks and notepads we have to offer, all sourced from ethical suppliers at a price to suit every budget. 

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