Our promotional Power Banks can be very useful at conferences and events or even out and about.

With the capacity to charge your essential devices on the go and personalised to your choice, they are items you don't want to miss.

Prices From: £5.66

Standard Cylinder Power Bank

Portable aluminium cylinder shaped power bank with 2600mAh. Supplied with a USB cable and packaged in a white box.
Prices From: £5.06

Standard Cuboid Power Bank

Portable cuboid shaped power bank with 2200mAh. Supplied with USB cable and packaged in a white box.
Prices From: £4.53

Tower Power Bank

Portable power bank 2600mAh supplied with a 50cm USB cable.
Prices From: £5.96

The Power Bank

5000mAh slimline plastic power bank with 2 USB ports to charge 2 devices at once. Supplied with a white 30cm micro USB cable and packaged in a white box.
Prices From: £6.96

Flat Power Bank

Portable Flat power bank with 4000mAh. Supplied with USB cable and packaged in a white box.
Prices From: £6.75

Pep 4000 mAh Power Bank

4000 mAh slim, lightweight aluminium power bank with grade A lithium polymer battery. The LED indicator lights up during charging and displays the remaining battery capacity in the power bank. Power bank’s input is 5V/1A and output is 5V/1A. Includes a USB to Micro-USB charging cable. Supplied in a blank white gift box. Aluminium.
Prices From: £4.07

Flash 2200 mAh Power Bank

The 2200 mAh battery capacity provides enough power to charge a mobile device. Power bank charges in 2 hours with included USB cable and turns red when charging, off when charged or blue when fully discharged. Includes white carton box. ABS Plastic, PC Plastic.
Prices on application

P05 Light-Up Emergency Power Bank

Light up your logo for 30 seconds every time this useful powerbank is touched, or longer when being recharged. Includes integrated 3-in-1 aluminium cable (Type C, Android, iPhone). Supplied in recycled paper gift box with magnetic closure. Capacity: 1000mAh. DC input/output: 5V - 1A. Net weight: 50 grams. Rubber.
Prices on application

P15 Light-Up Slim Power Bank

Ultra-lightweight, ultra slim power bank with light-up logo. When touched its ‘shake function’ lights the logo which can remain lit for up to 20 days without recharging. Includes 3-in-1 cable, (Type C, Android, iPhone) and supplied in recycled paper gift box with magnetic closure. Rubber. Capacity: 4000mAh. DC dual output: 5V/2A and 5V/2A fast charge. DC input: 5 V/2A micro-USB. Net weight: 110 grams.
Prices on application

P17 Light-Up Wireless Slim Power Bank

Light-up wireless power bank with 5000 mAh of charging power. Lights your logo up for 30 seconds when it’s touched or recharging. Supplied in recycled paper gift box, with 3-in-1 aluminium cable (Type C, Android, iPhone). Capacity: 5000 mAh. Input: 5V/2.4A (micro). Output: 5V/2.4A (USB). Wireless output: 5V/2A max. Frequency: 110kHz-205kHz. Net weight: 148 grams. Rubber.
Prices From: £2.17

Span 1200 mAh Powerbank

This powerbank with a 1,200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, provides power to charge smartphones, MP3 players and many other devices. It also features a keyring for easy carrying. Includes a USB to Micro USB charging cable. Input 5V/1A, output 5V/1A. Supplied in a white blank gift box.
Prices From: £3.89

Volt 2200 mAh Powerbank

The 2200 mAh battery capacity on this powerbank is enough to charge a mobile device or tablet (5V/1A). Powerbank charges via the included USB cable and the blue light indicator turns on when fully charged. Includes white carton box.
Prices From: £10.94

Superslim Jupiter Powerbank

This light-weight powerbank features an aluminium casing with USB charging cable included and has a 2200mAh Lithium Ion battery with 5V output. Available in a variety of vibrant, shimmery shades, it will keep you stylishly connected throughout the day (approx. 1 full smartphone charge). Charges mobile phones, tablets and bluetooth speakers amongst other digital items. Can be printed or engraved to both sides for maximum brand exposure.
Prices on application

UK Stock Power Bank

Don’t get caught out when on the move! Our UK stocked, fully rechargeable, power banks simply plug into a computer’s USB port. They are available in a choice of colours and branded for maximum impact.
Prices on application

Far East Wireless Power Bank

Wireless power banks are the latest must have gadget! Brand with either a simple pad print or stunning full colour. Suitable for phones with QI technology including Samsung, iPhone 8 & iPhone X.
Prices on application

Far East Stick Power Bank

Modern life is increasingly dependent on smartphones and mobile devices. Power banks are essential when on the move with no charging point available. They are fully rechargeable by connecting to your PC’s USB port and supplied with multiple adaptors for iPhones and other smart phones. Please contact us for details.
Prices on application

UK Stock Stick Power Charger

Ideal for use as emergency phone chargers and essential when on the move. Our power banks are fully rechargeable via a PC USB port and supplied with multiple adaptors to accommodate iPhones and other smart phones. Please contact us for details.
Prices From: £5.48

Power Bank - Evo 2200

Full colour print. Portable power bank charger designed to charge your smart phone and other devices whilst on the go.
Prices From: £23.16

Typhoon Wireless Power Bank

The Typhoon is the next generation of power banks, offering both wireless charging and traditional charging via a connector cable. The Typhoon boasts a 4,000mAh battery capacity, capable of fully charging any mobile phone device more than once. It's modern aluminium finish makes the Typhoon extremley robust and allows for your design and logo to engrave in spectacular oxidised white colour. The suction cups have been designed to attach to your mobile device securely and to initiate the wireless charging function. The Typhoon offers future-proof charging with a USB, Micro USB and a Type-C connector port and is complete with battery indicator lights. Product supplied with cable to charge power bank and instruction manual. ROHS, CE and FCC certified. Available on 24hr rush service.

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