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We can all benefit from a digital de-tox every once in a while, and research shows that not only does writing things down the old-fashioned way boost comprehension and retention of information, it’s good for our mental health too. Studies have found that by writing down our thoughts and events from the day, we are better able to process our emotions and identify negative thought patterns.

The notebook has been an essential part of the creative process for some of history’s greatest innovators and inventors. Ludvig van Beethoven, despite having a reputation for being wildly romantic and impulsive, had a complex and highly organised system for notetaking. He kept notebooks for rough ideas, ones that progressed and improved on formative ideas and notebooks with full details of projects he was working on.

Mark Twain was an avid notebook filler and kept over 40 notebooks over four decades of his life in which he recorded his thoughts on religion and politics, his opinions of people he met, sketches of scenes from his travels, plotlines and ideas for inventions. Many of his notebooks have since been published.

The modern-day entrepreneur also knows a thing or two about the leverage of longhand. Richard Branson once said “Anyone who aspires to lead a company must develop a habit of taking notes. I carry a notebook wherever I go.”  And Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer at Facebook, is famed for keeping track of her hectic days not with a digital device, but with a spiral bound notebook. She has often commented on the motivational power of writing a list and ticking thinks off as they get done.

So next time you are looking for a suitable promotional gift why not encourage your valued customers to take a break from their screens and get back to basics for their journaling, to-do lists, sketches, doodles and diagrams with one of Recognition Express’s comprehensive range of notepads.

We offer everything from simple spiral bound pads for Sheryl-style scribbles, to our luxurious tan leather notepad to encourage Beethoven brilliance. Our A5 Accent notebooks feature a contrast colour stained page edge and page marker and are bound in soft Belluno PU leatherette making and eye-catching addition to your customer’s desk.

With a range of personalisation and branding options, notebooks make the perfect marketing tool or school or club giveaway, and this November we are offering 100 branded notebooks for just £360.

So, give your customers a chance to boost their memory, take a screen break, improve their handwriting skills and get their creative juices flowing. You don’t need batteries, just a pen. And we have a huge range of those too!

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