The Secret of Being Memorable


At Recognition Express we’re all about helping our customers to be remembered, and recognised, for all the right reasons. From helping you to find a promotional product for your next sales campaign or coming up with an idea for a goody bag gift, the only name you need to remember is ours.

The secret of being memorable.

Everyone wants to be remembered, preferably for the right reasons, but it can sometimes feel like it is easier said than done. The good news for businesses is that being remembered for the right reasons is actually very easy. Making good deals and offering excellent customer service will always be the right thing to do, of course, but companies can make extra certain that the customer will be able to remember their name with the use of promotional products.

Promotional products ensure company recognition.

The use of promotional products is an excellent method of ensuring company recognition, long after the initial transaction or service has taken place, and can also help to spread awareness of your business to others. Well-designed, attractive and useful promotional products can achieve, this and have long been demonstrated to be one of the best ways to achieve greater recognition of your brand, a higher level of company exposure and an improvement in the professional image of a business.

Be remembered with the help of Recognition Express

The best way to ensure that you get the right promotional products, to help your company be as memorable as possible, is to make use of the services provided by Recognition Express. At Recognition Express we've been in the business of branded merchandise for more than thirty years, and we can assist you to find the right kind of promotional items for your company’s next sales campaign, or to develop an idea for gift bags full of goodies.

Among the many and varied promotional items we offer are the likes of writing instruments, such as pencils and metal and plastic pens, mugs and drink accessories including coasters, promotional bags, personalised clothing including work wear, school wear, and casual wear items, like fleeces, hoodies, blazers and jackets, and much more besides! Get in touch with Recognition Express today for all your promotional product needs.

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