Turn our coffee and tea culture to your own advantage!


We drink on average around 1,500 cups of coffee and tea a year. If you think about the time that you use your coffee or tea mug at work and with the cost of a branded mug being less than £4, a mug with your company logo on offers great value for money to build your brand image.

It is fair to say that coffee is one of the greatest obsessions of people around world, and tea is not far behind. These two beverages are among the most popular in history, and look set to remain so for some considerable time to come, so why not take advantage of this cultural obsession in order to help promote your business?

The great majority of people drink their tea and coffee out of mugs, and on average the amount of coffee and tea that is consumed every day is around 1500 cups per person per year, just in the United Kingdom alone. This makes it seem a pretty sensible proposition for companies looking for marketing ideas to use branded mugs as promotional items and giveaways. A branded mug means that the name of a business will be seen every day, not just by the person drinking the coffee or tea, but by their family, friends, work colleagues and business associates as well.

Recognition Express offers perfect promotional mugs

Mugs are a popular promotional item, and Recognition Express offers a variety of such products; they're ideal for companies looking to have the name of their business on permanent display in the homes and offices of coffee and tea addicts! We offer a number of completely customisable printed mugs, with a variety of printing options and differing materials, to ensure that your particular mug will be able to stand out from the crowd. Recognition Express is also able to assist companies with design, in order for the mug to be customised to suit the requirements of your business perfectly.

Express yourself!

The Duraglaze Photomugs range are available from Recognition Express allows pictures to be displayed across the entire surface of the mug, enabling unique designs that really stand out, with thermal mugs and classic coffee shop-style Americano mugs also available.

For more information, contact your local franchise owner who will be happy to help with any of your promotional product needs.

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