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Unique Promotional Glass Awards and Products

Our glass awards are fantastically crafted with perfectly clear optical crystal for that timeless appeal. Choose from a selection of sizes and shapes including circles, diamonds, hexagons, stars and many more, all of which can be engraved and personalised. 

Prices From: £8.93

Jade Glass Bevelled Crescent

Encourage achievement to be recognised with this striking award. This jade glass, bevelled crescent is a distinctive yet inexpensive recognition award. With a polished bevel edge on all 4 sides, and a large engraving area it really is stunning. It is ideal for marking sales achievement, sporting success or just to acknowledge a job well done. It is supplied in an individual white gift carton and can be personalised with any crest, logo or wording.
Prices From: £11.94

Jade Glass Rectangle with Chrome Pin

Simplicity itself. A stylish, jade glass rectangle features a chrome pin allowing it to be displayed vertically or horizontally. It also has a usefully large area for engraving or printing.
Prices From: £17.87

Optical Crystal Globe on a Clear Crystal Base

Help your clients reward world-class effort! This freespinning globe sits on a clear bevelled base to very stylish effect. Hand crafted from perfectly clear optical crystal it is an ideal recognition award for global, travel or transport based companies. Can be personalised with any crest, logo or wording.
Prices From: £38.08

Optical Crystal Star Rectangle Award

A freestanding optical crystal wedge featuring a striking star design. The flawless crystal reacts with light in an everchanging way. It can be personalised with any crest, logo or wording.
Prices From: £23.13

Optical Crystal Rectangle Award

The optical crystal rectangle award can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It can be full colour printed with a photo to create a unique and exclusive gift. We can also combine sandblast or subsurface engraving with the full colour printing for that extra special personalisation.
Prices From: £23.80

Jade Glass Rectangle Award

The original, and still the most popular, flat glass award. It is easy to see why! It is extremely versatile and suitable for all types of recognition. With its large engraving area and outstanding value, it is simply unbeatable. Can be personalised with any crest, logo or wording.
Prices From: £25.97

Jade Glass Facetted Ice Peak Award

Designed to reflect the pinnacle of achievement. Sleek and stylish, the Facetted Ice Peak award is hand crafted out of 15mm thick jade glass. It is mounted on a rectangular base and can be personalised with any crest, logo or wording. It really is a distinctive product and is supplied in an individual gift box.
Prices on application

Bespoke Acrystalic Award

Bespoke Acrystalic Awards offer infinite flexibility in terms of designs that can be created. Once the acrylic has been laser cut it can be full colour printed and mounted onto a crystal base. As each award is completely bespoke please contact us for further details.
Prices From: £34.15

6.5cm Diameter Optical Crystal Lightbulb Award Mounted on an Onyx Black Crystal Base

This fun award features a crystal lightbulb with the element subsurface engraved inside, making it very life like. The bulb is mounted on an onyx black base which is ideal for colour infilled engraving to convey your message, crest or logo. This award is supplied in its own satin lined presentation box.
Prices From: £50.60

Optical Crystal Pointed Slope Award

This beautiful award is the perfect symbol of recognition for a special achievement. It can be personalised using 2D or 3D subsurface engraving and also looks fantastic with a full colour print added too. Supplied in a black foam-lined presentation box.
Prices From: £44.59

Optical Crystal Cropped Iceberg Award

This stylish award is ideal to recognise a special achievement and can be personalised using 2D or 3D subsurface engraving. It is supplied in a black foam-lined presentation box.
Prices From: £88.18

Clear & White Optical Crystal Square Column Award

A unique award with a stunning combination of clear and white optical crystal. It can be decorated using a variety of different techniques including sandblast engraving, full colour printing and 2D and 3D subsurface engraving.
Prices From: £11.94

Clear Glass Freestanding Circle Award

The award is crafted from 19mm thick clear glass and is ideal for any special occasion. It can be decorated using a variety of decoration techniques including sandblast engraving, full colour printing and colour infilling.
Prices From: £21.38

Jade Glass Facetted Octagon Award

The award is hand crafted out of 15mm thick jade glass and mounted on a rectangular base. It is an ideal gift and looks great when engraved with any crest, logo or wording.
Prices From: £55.61

Handmade Crystal Brilliant Red Teardrop Award

Handmade from crystal glass and has a perfect clarity. Beautiful shape with a red teardrop effect in the centre. The award can be mounted on to an optical crystal semi circle base to give a stunning finish. With a generous engraving area on either the award or the base. Please note the base should be ordered separately at an additional cost, please enquire.
Prices on application

Jade Glass Autumn Leaf Award

Elegantly shaped in subtly tinted jade glass  with highly polished bevelled edges  this ‘Autumn Leaf’ award is available in three sizes – 15cm x 12mm  19.5cm x 12mm and 24cm x 12mm (shown) - and mounted on a matching jade coloured glass plinth. Each award can be used on its own  but choose one in each size and they are ideal for 1st  2nd and 3rd place achievement awards and sports prizes. Awards can be personalised with an engraving of a crest  company logo or message. Plus each award comes in its own presentation box.
Prices on application

Optical Crystal Mounted Diamond Award

Diamonds are forever! This sparkling optical crystal mounted diamond shaped award shows the flawless finish of optical crystal at its best. Available in three sizes  - 18.5cm (shown)  21.5cm and 23.5cm  it is ideal for recognising different levels of achievement or for 1st  2nd and 3rd places in awards or sporting events. With highly polished cut edges culminating in a flat diamond shaped surface for engraving logo’s  crests  names and dates this award oozes confidence and achievement. It is presented in its own presentation box.

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