Snoods offer fashion, warmth and all year-round function. No, we’re not talking turkey necks, though they are also bright and colourful, we’re referring to the snood scarf that is a fashion and athletic accessory.

Snoods were originally known as a hair net used to keep loose hair away from the face. Popular throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance, these snoods were adorned with beads, pearls and precious dainty trimmings, quickly becoming a staple in women’s wardrobes. In the 1940s, knitted snoods emerged as a helpful accessory for women supporting the war effort, protecting hair from heavy machinery and then accessorised to be used for evening wear.

The snood style evolved to take on a few extra names: neck warmer, gaiter, and snood scarf. This tubular scarf can also be pulled up to protect the face, neck, and ears from cold weather, wind and rain. Today, a snood is known for being a staple for winter and a trusty companion for protection during any outdoor activities.

But they’re not just useful in winter, snoods are also incredibly helpful in the warmer months. Whether you’re out for a morning jog and trying to keep the flies out of your mouth or cycling down the road and want to block the dust from your face, snoods can protect you from (almost) anything.

They also double up as excellent face coverings and ours are ideal for public transport. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, the washable and moisture repellent fabric is soft and stretchy, making it the perfect accessory to help keep you safe.  With a big area to print on, our snoods can be personalised with your company logo, so you can raise brand awareness whilst on the move!

Moving on to what’s coming up, we know it’s only August but according to Google analytics, that is when people start searching for ‘Christmas’ in the UK. So here we go…For any business, Christmas is not that far away, and August is the perfect month for getting your plans in place. Christmas time is the season of giving, and well chosen promotional Christmas gifts are the perfect way to show appreciation to customers and clients. It doesn’t just give recipients a warm, fuzzy glow; it also reminds them you exist and have made the effort to stay in touch. Increasing brand awareness at Christmas helps customers and clients keep you in mind as the New Year begins. 

Don’t leave it until the last minute. Get in touch with your local Recognition Express specialist today and find out how we can help with all your snood needs and Christmas gift ideas.

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