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Far East Stick Power Bank

Modern life is increasingly dependent on smartphones and mobile devices. Power banks are essential when on the move with no charging point available. They are fully rechargeable by connecting to your PC’s USB port and supplied with multiple adaptors for iPhones and other smart phones. Please contact us for details.
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UK Stock Card Wafer2 Flash Drive

This popular flash drive is now ready for 24 hour despatch (plain stock) or 5-6 working days fully printed. Dynamic full colour print on both sides and the super thin USB plug flips over for easy use/storage. Why not pre-load the card with promotional messages or other data? Please contact us for details.
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UK Stock Stick Power Charger

Ideal for use as emergency phone chargers and essential when on the move. Our power banks are fully rechargeable via a PC USB port and supplied with multiple adaptors to accommodate iPhones and other smart phones.Please contact us for details.
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UK Stock Multi Cable

Contains a range of cables for all smartphones. Ensures that whatever your phone, you can connect it to your PC’s USB for recharging.
Prices From: £9.30

Upbeats Bluetooth Speaker

Premium Bluetooth speaker without the premium price. The metal cased Upbeats Bluetooth Speaker supports playback from smartphones, tablets and most other Bluetooth audio devices. It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery and works from up to 10 metres in distance. Supplied with USB cable to charge device and instruction manual. Suitable for spot colour printing and laser engraving. Express services available, terms and conditions apply.
Prices From: £9.03

Superslim Jupiter Powerbank

This light-weight powerbank features an aluminium casing with USB charging cable included and has a 2200mAh Lithium Ion battery with 5V output. Available in a variety of vibrant, shimmery shades, it will keep you stylishly connected throughout the day (approx. 1 full smartphone charge). Charges mobile phones, tablets and bluetooth speakers amongst other digital items. Can be printed or engraved to both sides for maximum brand exposure.
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Far East Wireless Power Bank

Wireless power banks are the latest must have gadget! Brand with either a simple pad print or stunning full colour. Suitable for phones with QI technology including Samsung, iPhone 8 & iPhone X.
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Wafer Card USB Flash Drive

Super slim, credit card sized flash drive really gets your brand noticed. Dynamic full colour print on both sides and the super thin USB plug flips over for easy use/storage.
Prices on application

UK Stock Wireless Charger Hub

Drive your brand with the latest must have gadget! Available in full colour and despatched in as little as 24 hours. Suitable for all mobile phones with QI technology including Samsung, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.
Prices on application

UK Stock Twister USB Flash Drive

Tough and versatile, with a metal sleeve covering soft-touch rubber coated or transparent plastic body. The rotating sleeve protects the USB plug and eliminates the need for a lid. Why not extend your promotional message with data loading? Please contact us for details.
Prices From: £4.73

Sprint Charging Cable

The Sprint 3-in-1 retractable charging cable features a lightning, Micro-B and USB Type-C connector, meaning it will charge the latest models of mobile phone devices and electronic items once inserted into a USB port or mains adaptor. This cable is for charging only andnot designed for transferring data.
Prices From: £10.72

Kingston® DataTraveler SE9 Flash Drive - 16GB

Petite executive 16GB USB Flash Drive with stylish metal case and large sturdy ring enabling easy attachment to keyrings. Available with laser engraving. Free of charge 24-hour express service available, terms and conditions apply.
Prices From: £8.65

World USB Travel Adaptor

High quality USB travel adaptor conforming to British Standards 1363 and supplied with adaptors for use in Australia, Europe and the UK, as well as having integrated pins for use in the USA and China. The adaptor is fitted with two USB ports, one using Auto-ID technology to automatically detect the current of the device it is charging. The other port has an output of 2.4A. Two devices can be charged at the same time. On the front side of the adaptor there is a light to indicate when the product is switched on. Product is ROHS and CE certified. Supplied in bulk retail packaging.
Prices From: £2.77

USB Multi Charger

This retractable multi-charging cable is an excellent choice for any promotion. It features a standard USB connector to one side and combined USB-C with a duo Lightning/Micro connector to the other, compatible with both iPhone and Micro USB devices. The product features coloured cables with a white central hub to print your logo and includes x2 transparent caps to each cable end for protection.
Prices From: £2.17

3 in 1 Keyring Charging Cable

3 in 1 adapter cable with Android, iOS & Type C connectors for data transfer and charging. Comes with a 30mm diameter steel ring. Cable has magnetic close feature. Speed: 2.0 fast charging.
Prices From: £5.18

3 in 1 Panoflex Branded Cables

Fully branded fast sync and charge data cable. 3 in 1 adaptor - USB-C connector plus combined. 8-pin and Micro USB connector. Length: approx. 62cm. Quick charge and data sync 2A. 100% print coverage both sides. Presented in a cello zip pouch.
Prices From: £4.66

Engrave & Light Up Multi Cable

Engrave your logo on to the adapter and see the light shine through when it is charging. Charging cable with USB, USB-C, iPhone and micro USB adapters. Unit lights up when plugged in. 1.0 charging.
Prices From: £3.09

Print & Light Up Multi Cable

Charging cable with USB, USB-C, iPhone and 2 micro USB adapters, blue light up edges and decorated with a full colour domed sticker. Unit lights up when plugged in. 2.0 fast charging.
Prices From: £2.84

The Value 4 Cable with Domed Label

All round value multi cable, decorated with a full colour domed sticker with USB, USB-C, iPhone and micro USB adapters.
Prices From: £4.01

Multi Charging Jellyfish Cable

No matter the device the Jellyfish charger will keep you powered! Featuring Type-C, Lightning and Micro-USB connectors, you will be able to charge a wide range of devices and transfer data between your devices and computer.Each of the Jellyfish’s cables are between 88 – 92mm and are made from a high quality flexi ABS so they will be able to twist and turn to your needs. Suitable for Micro-USB, Lightning and Type-C.
Prices From: £8.73

750mAh Lumino Powerbank Cable

Looking for a stylish, compact charging cable with LED lights to brighten up your brand? Look no further than the Lumino Power cable. The compact cable comes in a premium ABS finish with a leather strap for easy use on the go. With a 750mAh battery, you won’t have to worry about looking for a power point when your devices battery is low.The Lumino Power Cable boasts both lightning and Micro-USB connectors with a dual charging head. Both cables are tucked neatly into the body of the product, keeping it sleek and compact. Brighten up your brand with the new Lumino Powerbank Cable! 
Prices on application

W15 10W Light-Up Wireless Charging Stand

Get your logo noticed while the phone is charging. Light-up logo, wireless charging stand with dual USB ports. Supplied in recycled paper gift box with magnetic closure. Rubber. DC input: DC 5V/3A. USB output 1: 5V/1A. USB output 2: 5V/1A. Wireless output: 10W. Frequency: 110 kHz~205 kHz. Net weight: 150 grams.
Prices From: £2.32

Duke Charger

3-in-1 magnetic keychain USB cable with type C and reversible 5 pin (Apple) and micro USB (Android).
Prices From: £3.07

Tucker 3-in-1 Charger

Multi device charging cables all on one cable with plastic keyring. Includes a USB, 5 pin, type C android and micro USB Connectors. Personalisation is by epoxy dome only.
Prices From: £3.19

3-in-1 Reel Charger

3-in-1 USB cable including type C connector, 5 pin connector (iphone) and micro USB (Android) connector. Personalisation is by Label.
Prices on application

C17 Easy to Use Light-Up Cable

Light-up logo charging cable with rubber and metal finish. Fitted with three connectors (Type C, Android, iPhone) allowing 3 devices to be simultaneously charged. Supplied in recycled paper and recycled plastic packaging. Length of cables (including plugs): 10cm. Total cable length: 1 metre. Rubber, Aluminium.
Prices on application

H15 Type-c Light-Up Power Hub

Multi-function, USB hub with light-up logo. Connects up to 4 devices simultaneously using 4 x USB 2.0 ports and 1 x Type-C connection port. Supplied with a 30cm extension cable and recycled paper gift box with magnetic closure. Rubber.
Prices From: £2.45

Metal 3-in-1 Charging Cable with Keychain

Metal 3-in-1 Charging Cable with keyring features a 1 x type C, 1 x USB type A and a 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both Apple iOS and Android devices. To charge Apple devices use the tip with no pins, to charge Android devices use the tip that has pins. Aluminium.
Prices From: £3.34

Colour-Pop Charging Cable with Case

A 4-in-1 charging cable with 2 x type C, 1 x USB type A and 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both Apple iOS and Android devices. To charge Apple devices use the tip with no pins, to charge Android devices use the tip that has pins. Suitable for both charging and data transfer. ABS Plastic.

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