Promotional Pencils

If pencils are more appropriate for your business, then why not opt for branded pencils and use them as an effective marketing tool. Affordable and effective, our range of promotional pencils make the perfect gift to customers and are great as giveaways at events.

We offer a range of different colour printing options with our pencils. This allows you to have a high level of control over the print, whether you are looking to brand the pencils with your company logo or with a corporate slogan.

Why not show that your business is environmentally conscious with branded pencils made from recycled materials or are sustainably sourced, such as our eco friendly pencils and recycled pencils.

We also offer a range of customisable printed pencils, including mechanical pencils, standard pencils and wooden pencils.

Prices From: £0.34

Guest biofree® Mechanical Pencil

Line colour print. Inbuilt antimicrobial protection and offered with our industry-first Biomaster antimicrobial spot colour print or standard full colour print.
Prices From: £0.45

Standard NE Pencil Range

Round wooden pencil with a cut end.
Prices From: £0.42

Standard WE Pencil

Round wooden pencil with a silver ferrule and pink eraser.
Prices From: £1.86

Pencil Case Kit

Zipped Transparent Pencil Case with Supersaver® Click Ballpen, Standard WE Pencil, Colourful Eraser, and 15cm Ruler. Suitable for exam use.
Prices From: £0.12

Supersaver® WE Pencil

Line Colour Print. Low-cost plastic pencil with eraser, perfect for large-scale campaigns on a budget.
Prices From: £0.45

Mini NE Pencil Range

Full colour wrap Half length pencil in a high quality paint finish.
Prices From: £0.44

Mini WE Pencil Range

Full colour wrap. Half length pencil with a silver ferrule and white eraser.
Prices From: £0.54

FSC® Carpenter Pencil

Traditional flat carpenter pencil made from FSC® certified wood.
Prices From: £0.42

Stealth Softfeel Wooden Pencil

Line colour print. Wood-free pencil with a soft rubberised coating in a lustrous black finish.
Prices From: £0.23

FSC® Wooden Pencil

FSC® certified wooden pencil with silver ferrule and pink eraser. Extensive colour range.
Prices From: £2.04

Neoprene Pencil Case

Pencil Case.

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