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One marketing tool that has stood the test of time however is the promotional item. Promotional products still have power and pack a real punch when it comes to raising your brand awareness. Here’s our top 8 reasons why promotional items should be part of your company’s marketing mix:

  1. Brand recognition – Not only does giving away a promotional gift give you the opportunity to showcase your brand, it leaves a lasting impression. Research by the BPMA showed that 66% of people that received a promotional gift, were still aware of who gave it a year later.

  2. Increased loyalty – While consistently delivering exceptional customer service is the best way to generate customer loyalty, promotional items also help to show a customer that they are valued, thereby encouraging repeat business.

  3. The feel-good factor – It’s good to feel valued and that’s the power of the promotional item, it makes us feel good. In fact, 79% of people surveyed by the BPMA said that felt appreciated when they received a promotional gift, 47% said they felt happy and 21% were impressed.

  4. Improved perception – Creating a positive impression of your brand helps to convey a professional and reliable image. By leaving a gift with a customer, you get the opportunity to remind them of that positive impression time after time.

  5. Creates a buzz – Very often the promotional item itself can become the star. Take the recent Meetkat toy giveaway by a well-known insurance search engine. At the height of that advertising campaign a Meerkat toy was being claimed every 30 seconds with over 4 million requested in total!

  6. Relatable – using promotional items can help make your brand more relatable, especially if you are giving away something that the recipient will use frequently like a pen, drinking bottle or bag. By using the item every day your brand becomes highly familiar, boosting the likelihood that they will buy a product or service from you in future.

  7. Low cost – Traditional advertising such as advertising and sponsorship can be prohibitively expensive, especially for smaller businesses or charities. Branded merchandise offers a much more cost-effective way to engage with your target audience.

  8. Lead generation and referral – Using promotional items means your brand is being advertised without you even realising it. Whether someone is using your branded tote bag for their weekly shop, your branded water bottle when they attend their local park run, or your company’s logoed USB stick to save a presentation on – these are all valuable additional (and free) opportunities for your brand identity to be seen.

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