Promotional Mugs

The printed mug is a classic but extremely effective promotional product that can be used for any type of business or organisation. Britain is synonymous with tea drinking and what better way to spread the word about your brand than with promotional mugs. With branded mugs being in almost every workplace or home you can guarantee that your mugs will be used and will help affirm your brand name for years to come. Whether you choose to hand them out at trade shows, give them to clients or just supply your staff with them, our printed mugs will gain your business the recognition it deserves.

Fully Customisable Promotional Mugs

Considering the popularity of printed mugs, it’s important that yours stands out from the rest. This is why as well as offering a range of mug styles, including our Latte Mugs. All of our branded mugs can be completely customised, and our in house design team can assist you with the artwork and branding of your mug. Our Photo Mugs allow a picture to be printed across the whole surface of the item, allowing a unique design that sets you apart from the competition.

Our high quality branded promotional mugs not only help give your business the premium look it deserves but also serves as a business card. Why not check out our selection of Branded Travel Mugs so you can advertise your business on the move. Available in a range of colors and sizes our promotional travel mugs are a must have for any business.

Prices From: £2.87

Classic Mug

Don’t risk your logo disappearing if your mug gets broken - choose this long-lasting and virtually indestructible UK-made plastic mug! With a friendly, rounded design which customers love, it also has a massive branding area. 300ml capacity it is made from high quality food-safe plastics.
Prices From: £2.87

Supreme Mug

A longer-lasting way to keep your brand in front of your customers. British made, from highly durable plastic, this mug is almost indestructible. It has a huge message area and will give your brand fantastic impact. The Supreme has a tapered, stylish design and is made from food safe plastic, dishwasher safe and 350ml capacity.
Prices From: £2.87

Standard Mug

Our British-made plastic mugs, have been a promotional favourite for years. A familiar shape with a massive branding area, it is both distinctive and virtually indestructible. Made from food safe plastic, dishwasher safe and 300ml capacity.
Prices From: £2.45

Bell Mug (Screen Printed)

A very popular choice, thanks to classic looks and a great branding area. Prices based on a white with screen-printed branding. The Bell mug is a great choice and is 100% dishwasher proof. Also available with AntiBug® coating at extra cost.
Prices From: £4.04

Durham Black PhotoMug

The combination of a stunning rich black mug and vibrant dye sublimation print really brings your image to life! Your chosen photo image or branding is reproduced on a white panel in truly stunning colours.
Prices From: £3.69

Duraglaze® Dinky Durham PhotoMug

The Duraglaze® Dinky Durham PhotoMug is a mini version of the popular Duraglaze® Durham PhotoMug. Like its bigger brother it has been independently confirmed as being 100% dishwasher proof to over 2000 washes.
Prices From: £3.04

Duraglaze® Durham PhotoMug

A traditional style/shape mug with photo quality print giving stunning visual results of your image. Our Duraglaze® PhotoMugs are 100% dishwasher proof; independently tested to over 2,000 washes! Also available with AntiBug® coating at extra cost. 
Prices From: £4.58

Durham ColourCoat Mug

Its stunning simplicity really lifts your brand. A Durham style mug with your choice of matt or gloss Pantone® matched body colour. The inside of the mug remains white and the screen overprinted colour will not fade during the printing process. Get your message noticed and in front of decision makers.
Prices From: £2.20

Durham/Cambridge Mug (Screen Printed)

This is our best selling mug - and for good reason! It really is excellent value for money with clear, direct screen print. Our Duraglaze® PhotoMugs are 100% dishwasher proof; independently tested to over 2,000 washes! It is guaranteed to be a promotional product that is kept. Prices based on white mug. Also available with AntiBug® coating at extra cost.
Prices From: £5.58

Marrow ColourCoat Mug

Irresistibly cool, Pantone® matchedcoloured mug. Crisp, clear white inside and a printing process that guarantees no fade colours on the outside. Your design is screen overprinted for real clarity. Also available with AntiBug® coating at extra cost.
Prices From: £2.56

Marrow Mug (Screen Printed)

A very popular style mug, with a pleasing shape that looks great when screen printed with your marketing message. 100% dishwasher proof and available with AntiBug® coating at extra cost. Prices based on white mug.
Prices From: £2.69

Mini Marrow Mug (Screen Printed)

The cute Mini Marrow is a smaller version of one of our most popular earthenware mugs. Supplied in white and is an ideal partner for a frothy Espresso! 100% dishwasher proof and available with AntiBug® coating at extra cost.
Prices From: £4.54

Duraglaze® Latte PhotoMug

Stylish latte style PhotoMug with photo quality print simply unobtainable by any other means! Our Duraglaze® PhotoMugs are 100% dishwasher proof, tested to over 2,000 washes!
Prices From: £3.51

Duraglaze® Sparta PhotoMug

Hugely impressive, our Sparta PhotoMug is a great favourite. Its stunning full colour dye sublimation print gives photo quality images simply unobtainable with any other process. Duraglaze® coated, it is 100% dishwasher proof. The PhotoMug was independently tested to over 2,000 washes!
Prices From: £4.46

Duraglaze® Marrow PhotoMug

The traditionally styled Marrow PhotoMug is part of our patent protected Duraglaze® range. Your marketing messages and images will stay bright, strong and crystal clear for a very long time. Not only are they durable but Duraglaze® PhotoMugs are exceptionally good value for money. Our Duraglaze® PhotoMugs are 100% dishwasher proof; independently tested to over 2,000 washes!
Prices From: £6.63

Durham Inner & Outer ColourCoat Mug

Now available with a gloss Pantone® matched inner and a gloss or matt Pantone® matched body. Inside and outside can even be different colours. Mug body can be printed with a simple yet effective screen print branding. Mug base can also be printed in 1 colour, extra charges apply. Please note that the rim of the mug remains white.
Prices From: £5.13

Marrow Inner ColourCoat Mug

Its pleasing shape is now available with a gloss Pantone® matched inner. With a vast choice of Pantone® colours you are sure to find the perfect brand colour. The outside of the mug remains white and can be printed with a simple yet effective screen print branding. The mug base can also be printed in 1 colour, extra charges apply.
Prices From: £5.71

Enamel PhotoMug

Our hardwearing enamel mugs are the latest must have promotional item. Available with a full colour design; complemented with a metal rim. The body is made of carbon steel which is enamel glazed and the rim is made of 304 food grade stainless steel.
Prices From: £3.84

Enamel Mug (Screen Printed)

Our enamel mugs are the latest must have promotional item. Available with a direct print, enamel mugs are perfect for camping, picnics or any outdoor event but look just as good in the office or at home. The body is made of carbon steel which is enamel glazed and the rim is made of 304 food grade stainless steel. Prices based on white mug.
Prices From: £3.04

Halo Durham/Cambridge Mug (Screen Printed)

The halo effect print offers your choice of Pantone® colour applied to the rim of the Durham/Cambridge Mug. This innovative treatment complements your screen printed design giving a stylish finish! Prices based on a white mug.
Prices From: £3.92

Duraglaze® Two Tone PhotoMug

Looking for something different? Our TwoTone mugs are available in 12 different colours and can be branded with a full colour photographic print. We offer an exclusive collection of patent protected Duraglaze® PhotoMugs. Being 100% dishwasher proof, they simply will not fade.
Prices From: £3.92

Duraglaze® Rim & Handle PhotoMug

With a coloured rim and matching handle they are available in 12 different colours. We offer an exclusive collection of patent protected Duraglaze® PhotoMugs, which have been independently tested to BS EN 12875-4 to over 2000 washes and confirmed 100% dishwasher proof. They simply will not fade.
Prices From: £5.64

Enamel ColourCoat Mug

Our enamel mugs are the latest must have promotional item. Available in your choice of Pantone® colour from just 120 pieces with a gloss or satin finish. The body is made of carbon steel which is enamel glazed and the rim is made of 304 food grade stainless steel.
Prices From: £4.21

Satin Durham Black PhotoMug

The Black PhotoMug truly illuminates your design which is printed onto a white panel to produce a vibrant photo quality image. Our unique and patent protected SatinSub® PhotoMugs have an innovative satin finish.
Prices From: £5.24

Durham WoWMug®

Full colour printed mug with a heat sensitive coating. When hot liquid is added this coating becomes transparent revealing the dye sublimation printed image underneath. The WoWMug® can also be screen over-printed with a permanently visible message at an extra cost. Hand wash only.
Prices From: £2.20

Sparta Mug (Screen Printed)

For an alternative style of stoneware mug, opt for the Sparta, available in a wide selection of colours to complement your design. 100% dishwasher proof. Your design is screen printed. Prices based on white mug.
Prices From: £4.14

Latte Mug (Screen Printed)

Our bestselling mug is now available branded with a cost effective screen print. You can print 1-2 spot colours all the way around the mug. 100% dishwasher proof.
Prices From: £3.69

SatinSub® Durham PhotoMug

A traditional style mug with photo quality print giving stunning visual results of your image. Our unique and patent protected SatinSub® PhotoMugs have an innovative satin finish. Our Duraglaze® PhotoMugs are 100% dishwasher proof; independently tested to over 2,000 washes!
Prices From: £3.39

Stacking Mug (Screen Printed)

If you are looking for a set of mugs or simply a neat storage solution then our exclusive Stackable Mugs are right for you! 100% dishwasher proof. Your design is screen printed.
Prices From: £3.12

Print Plus Marrow Mug (Screen Printed)

The Print Plus Marrow mug has the curved styling of the standard Marrow mug but with the large print area of the Durham mug. 100% dishwasher proof. Your design is screen printed. Printed using our revolutionary TruColour® system at no extra cost.
Prices From: £4.66

Mocha Mug (Screen Printed)

Ideal for mocha lovers, our new 14oz Mocha Mug is the perfect fit. 100% dishwasher proof. Your design is screen printed. Printed using our revolutionary TruColour® system at no extra cost.
Prices From: £3.82

AntiBug Marrow Mug

This best selling mug is available with direct screen print. 100% dishwasher proof. A promotional product that is sure to be kept. Printed using our revolutionary TruColour® system at no extra cost. Engineered by and exclusive to us, TruColour® enables you to reassure that you can meet the Pantone® requirement rather than compromising on colour; even available on dark glazes! This product is treated with our patent protected, fully certified AntiBug® treatment to keep germs at bay and will continue to fight for the lifetime of the product. Prices based on white mug.
Prices From: £3.01

Promo Durham PhotoMug

The Promo PhotoMug is an exceptionally competitively priced full colour mug; providing exactly the same durability as all other PhotoMugs in the promotional market. If a genuinely dishwasher proof PhotoMug is required, please quote for our Duraglaze PhotoMugs. The mug base can also be printed in 1 colour, extra charges apply. Ideal for: Trade Exhibitions, Cafés / Coffee Bars, Corporate Giveaways, Desktop Promotions.
Prices From: £2.96

Vienna Foto Mug

300ml earthenware mug designed for dishwasher proof full colour dye sublimation prints.
Prices From: £3.44

Melbourne Mug

Spot colour print. 400ml earthenware mug available in 12 popular colours. Safe for domestic dishwasher use and microwave safe.
Prices From: £2.27

Orion Mug

Spot colour print. 300ml earthenware mug available in 6 popular colours. Safe for domestic dishwasher use and microwave safe.
Prices From: £3.62

Prime Plastic Mug

Spot colour print. UK manufactured 330ml plastic mug made with break-resistant material. Available in 4 popular colours. Registered design.
Prices From: £3.09

Vienna Mug (Coloured)

330ml classic shape earthenware mug available in a range of popular colours. Safe for domestic dishwasher use and microwave safe.

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