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With gyms set to reopen soon and Spring just around the corner, there’s no need to break the bank or a sweat with the help of Recognition Express.

Whether it's an old wives tale or not, you've probably been told that wearing black is a recipe for overheating. And there's no shortage of advice on what materials and colours will keep you cool either. But let's face it, dressing in white linen every day isn't practical for the workplace or anywhere else for that matter! If you're looking for activewear to regulate your body temperature in intense heat or during a rigorous workout, then you'll be happy to know that material technology has come a long way.

Recognition Express offers a wide range of activewear t-shirts and polos, suitable for both sport and workwear. Using moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you cool, dry and moving comfortably, our specially engineered clothes work by pulling moisture away from your skin and moving it to the outer layer of the fabric. While other materials trap sweat close to your body and make you feel hot, wicking fabrics allow your sweat to evaporate, cooling you off in the process.

What’s more, our impressive collection comes with custom branding areas for your company logo, helping to bring the latest in workwear technology to your workforce. Having moisture wicking t-shirts or polos can be a huge benefit to those with physically demanding jobs where you are left feeling hot, sticky and exhausted, whilst still trying to do your job to the very best of your ability. Along with preventing general discomfort, employees are less likely to suffer from stress and be more productive. Research has also shown that moisture-wicking can help prevent heat-related injuries like exhaustion and even heat stroke!

Start planning your branding clothing needs for the end of lockdown now!  Click here to get in touch with your local Recognition Express specialist.

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