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Power banks are an essential accessory in the modern world, particularly for businesses that are even more dependent on mobile devices and phones than most people. It is vital for businesses to ensure that those devices remain fully charged and able to be used whenever necessary. One fantastic solution to this issue, in addition to simultaneously promoting your business, is to ensure that you and your company make use of the range of power banks that are available from Recognition Express.

Recognition Express offers power banks for the modern age

The power banks available from Recognition Express are ideal for the hectic times we live in, and come in two different varieties – the Far East Stick Power Bank and the Far East Tab Power Bank.

The Far East Stick Power bank is perfect for charging up iPhones and similar devices. It's able to be used at times when batteries may be low and there are no easily accessible charging points currently available to you, including when you may be on the move. They are fully rechargeable when connected to the USB port of any PC, and come complete with an array of multiple adaptors suitable for a wide range of different phones. They can be customised to promote your business, and are also available in different colours such as black, gold, green, purple, silver, blue, pink and red. The Far East Tab Power Bank allows exactly the same usage and is available in black, green, white, and blue and pink.

Use Recognition Express for all your promotional needs

At Recognition Express, we offer a wide variety of items that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our ever-expanding range of quality products can be used for the purpose of promoting your business, and include the likes of pens, coasters, bags and much more. Contact Recognition Express today!

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