Do promotional pens work?


Promotional products and giveaways are still one of the most effective methods of unconscious advertising and marketing. According to a survey by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) 89% of their respondents stated that they had at least one promotional item on their desk and 81% had at least two on their desks. In fact the most common promotional item found on their desk was the pen (66%). Let’s take a look at why promotional pens are so effective and how you could be utilising them for your business.

Why are promotional pens important?

Promotional pens help businesses reach out to potential clients and customers and is an affordable and effective method of raising brand awareness. According to PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) one of the top three reasons consumers keep promotional items is due to the items functionality. Pens can be found in every office and home making it one of the most useful promotional items around. The practicality of a pen means that those using it will regularly see and be reminded of your image, encouraging them to be more aware of your brand. PPAI also reported that 83% of those who received a promotional item were more likely to do business with that brand. So it's true what they say, the pen is mightier than the sword.

How can I effectively use promotional pens?

When considering whether promotional pens are right for you and your business, you should first think about whether they are right for your target audience, will you be able to distribute them effectively and what will the design and message of the pen be?

Target audience

The first thing you should consider is your target audience and whether or not they will actually use the pen. Ensuring that your consumer will find the pen useful is crucial to the customer journey and creating conversions. The more they use the product the more likely they are to connect with your brand.


It’s all well and good having amazing pens that will help promote your business but if you have no way of getting them to the consumer then there’s not much point. How you distribute them will depend on your business and available resources, but the most popular options are trade shows, events, client meetings and as a free gift with purchases.


The design of your pen can help get your message across to your target consumer. For example if you are trying to sell your product to students, a brightly coloured pen might be most effective. Whereas if you are a solicitor gifting a pen to thank a client, then a metal ball point pen might be more in line with your brand image. Including your logo, website, phone number and address allows the pen to also work as a business card, creating exposure for your business and increasing brand recognition.

What type of pens should I use?

Here at Recognition Express we have a whole host of amazing pens to choose from. We offer a range of brightly coloured plastic pens for vibrant brands, green and eco friendly pens for environmentally conscious brands, pencils and metal pens, which can be engraved and customised to suit your brand.

Make an enquiry today for more information on how promotional pens can help market your business.

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