Satisfy the sweet tooth of your customers with our range of sweets and confectionery.

We have everything from lollies, to chocolate to jelly beans, all of which can be branded with your company logo. 

Prices From: £0.43

Neapolitan Chocolates

U.K. manufactured Neapolitan Chocolate available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mint flavour or orange flavour, wrapped in silver or gold foil. Offered with a full colour print wrap.
Prices From: £1.34

Mints & Lip Balm Set

This 2 in 1 mints and lip balm set makes the perfect travel companion. Transparent pot with white lid, containing sugar-free peppermints and a mint flavoured, clear lip balm containing beeswax. Net weight 12g. Full colour print available. 
Prices From: £1.17

Mini Mint Cube

Filled with approximately 14 grams of sugar free mints. Exclusive mini promotional mint cube - brand on five faces, 5 different messages.
Prices From: £1.65

Bottled Water

Eco recycled plastic bottles of still and sparkling water with Screw Cap Lid. High gloss label printed 4 colour process. Please note that this bottle is fully recycled and therefore opaque in colour. 
Prices From: £0.73

Star Tin Mints

Filled with approximately 14 grams of sugar free mints. In a hinged tin. Colours available: silver and white.  Digital prices on request.
Prices From: £0.80

Silver Tower Tin Filled with Mints

This silver tower tin stands 80mm high and contains approx. 20g of mini mints. Digital prices also available on request.
Prices From: £2.07

Jelly Belly Dinky

Delicious branding! Mix and match your corporate colours using the famous Gourmet Jelly Belly Beans which are available in 50 flavours/colours in a clear mini pot with a digitally printed domed label.
Prices From: £1.47

30g Bag of Jelly Belly Beans

Mix and match your corporate colours choosing from 50 delicious flavours of famous Gourmet Jelly Belly Beans. In a transparent bag with a digitally printed label it is a really attractive way to make your brand stand out.
Prices From: £1.00

30g Bag of Standard Jelly Beans, Mint Imperials or Chocolate Beans

Pick from standard mixed jelly beans, chocolate beans or mint imperials for a tasty way to advertise your brand. With a digitally printed label to the front you can be as creative as you desire to make sure you stand out!
Prices From: £0.17

5g Neapolitan Square Chocolates

Neapolitans with gold, silver and red foil printed full colour. 3 Delicious flavours, smooth luxury tasting chocolate in milk, milk mint and milk orange chocolate.
Prices From: £0.67


New and exclusive promotional Mint Twister. Filled with approximately 14 grams of sugar free mints.
Prices From: £2.09

Energy & Isotonic Drink Cans

Give your promotions some fizz with a personalised 250ml drinks can containing your choice of a carbonated energy drink or an isotonic fitness drink (non-carbonated). Cans are printed in 4 colour process on a silver or white full body label.
Prices From: £0.67

Corporate Branded Fortune Cookies

Add an air of Eastern mystery to your campaign with our foil wrapped fortune cookies. Each batch can contain up to 5 messages of your choice. Individually wrapped in a range of foil colours, or for added impact you can customise the wrapper as well (larger minimum order applies). Insert strip print area up to 5 mixed messages 44 characters per line (includes space) / 3 lines.
Prices From: £0.32

Mixed Flavoured Mini Lollies

A great ice breaker and guaranteed to bring out the child in any delegate! Each lolly is individually wrapped and supplied in mixed fruit flavours.
Prices From: £0.13

10g Flat Lollies With Printed Wrappers

Selection of lollies with wrappers printed in up to 4 colour process. One flavour of lemon, orange, strawberry, apple, pineapple, cherry, banana, cola, coffee, coffee cream, cream, chocolate, biscuit, mint, liquorice, agrumes, raspberry, blackcurrant, bergamot per order. Gluten free. Weight: Approx. 100 lollies per kilo - 10 grams each.
Prices From: £1.52

Giant Moulded Lollies

For giant impact, why not re-produce your logo on our range of moulded lollies. They are available in approx. 65g and can be produced in a huge range of flavours and in any shape, subject to design.Moulded lollies can be printed in up to 1 colour.
Prices From: £1.17

40g Popcorn Bags with Personalised Label

Choose sweet or salted popcorn personalised with digitally printed sticker. Popcorn options: Sweet or salted popcorn. Popcorn bag: Sweet or salted popcorn with a digitally printed sticker.
Prices From: £0.99

25g Milk Chocolate Bar

Milk chocolate bar with the logo, message or design of your choice on a bar of delicious milk chocolate.
Prices From: £1.39

50g Milk Chocolate Bar

Milk chocolate bar with the logo, message or design of your choice on a bar of delicious milk chocolate chunks.
Prices From: £0.12

Rock Sweets

Outstanding high quality hand made images. Almost print quality with great attention to fine details which makes our rock sweets the best in the market! Individually wrapped, bite sized rock sweets with your message or logo printed all the way through.
Prices From: £1.15

Stick of Rock - Unbeatable High Quality Lettering

Classic sticks of rock with the message of your choice running all the way through the middle.*For further personalisation, a digitally printed label in a 4 colour process can be inserted inside the cellophane wrapper. Choose from 34 available flavours and a colour matched as closely as possible to your Pantone preferences. Colour of the rock can be chosen. For the stripes - up to 6 colours and 1 colour through the centre of the rock (subject to artwork).
Prices From: £0.15

13g Ball Lollies with Printed Wrappers 1 to 4 Colours

Classic ball lollies individually wrapped with your personalisation repeat printed on the silver or white foil paper in up to 4 colour print.One flavour of lemon, orange, strawberry,apple, pineapple, cherry, banana, cola, coffee, coffee cream, cream, chocolate, biscuit, mint,licorice, agrumes, raspberry, blackcurrant, bergamot per order. Gluten free.
Prices From: £0.25

Haribo Standard Jelly Shapes in a Printed Bag - 6.5g and 10g

Bags of the jelly shape of your choice. Standard shapes: Fruitgum, @-Signs, Cars, Fish, Footballs, Mix, Hearts, Planes, Mobiles, Dummies, Tropi-Frutti, Gold rabbits, Trucks, Houses, Smileys, Christmas.
Prices From: £8.60

Flow Pack Sweets

Double twist wrapper approx. 260 sweets per kilo. Transparent or white foil in up to 4 colour print. Flavours: lemon, orange, apple, cherry, strawberry, cola, mint. 
Prices From: £0.28


Fruit flavoured lollies with a choice of shaped stickers printed full colour for your branding. Sticker shapes available: Hand, Heart, Rosette, Computer, Square, Round or Star. Lolly flavours available: Strawberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Apple, Lemon. Perfect for any children's events and parties. Great for venues which also cater for children eg. restaurants, clubs, holiday parks etc.
Prices From: £12.44

Double Twister Sweets

Personalised sweets available in either a transparent or white wrapper. Many flavours including mixed fruit.

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