Promotional Plastic Pens

Printed promotional pens are an effective and affordable method of marketing and raising brand awareness. Branded plastic pens can be found in every office and home across the country making them an essential method of promotion for your business.

Easily given out at events, as gifts and promotions, the pen never goes out of style, meaning your brand will gain the exposure and recognition it deserves.

We offer a range of printed plastic pens available in a variety of different shapes and sizes.  We also provide several different printing options, allowing you to create fully customised pens and branded plastic pens with your company logo or unique slogan.

We have plastic pens available from recognised quality manufacturers including Liberty, Supersaver, Harrier, Absolute and Express. All of which can be printed with a design of your choice. 

Choose from a broad range of printed pens for a simple yet effective promotional pen, including the Contour Ballpen, Harrier Nouveau Ballpen and Liberty Clear Ballpens.

For an eco-friendly alternative, why not try our Challenger Antibac and Digital Eco Pen.

Prices From: £0.38

Marshall Ballpen

An outstanding value, twist action ballpen with vibrant trans colours or solid black, white and cyan options all with a chromed nose cone. Excellent writing quality.
Prices From: £0.62

Phone-Up Ballpen

A remarkable product from The Printed Pen Guide - a screen cleaner, stylus, phone stand and ballpen in one! A great print area is available to both the barrel and clip - a fantastically useful pen.
Prices on application

Flat-Back Pen

A distinctive flat, metal and plastic ballpen with an easy push mechanism. Its unusual shape and smooth lines are a great background for your brand.
Prices From: £0.30

Moneta ABS Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pen with click action mechanism. ABS plastic barrel with steel clip.
Prices From: £0.32

Calico™ Ballpen Solid Colour

Part of the best selling Calico range. This pen is a solid colour push action plastic pen with black ink and unique features. Available in multiple colour variations to best match your brand. Offers barrel and clip printing with superb print areas for maximum effect.
Prices From: £0.40

Challenger Anti Bac

Retractable ball pen with antibacterial surface, tested according to ISO 22196. Fitted with long life Magic flow black ink refill.
Prices From: £0.30

Super Hit Basic Ballpen with Soft Grip

Ballpen with opaque high-gloss finish white barrel, featuring matching clip and soft-feel, satin-finish grip section. Fitted with large capacity Magic Flow refill. Also available without soft grip.
Prices From: £0.38

Challenger Frosted Plastic Ballpen

Translucent shine-free finish ballpen with distinctive barrel and curved clip. Fitted with large capacity Magic Flow refill.
Prices From: £0.30

Super Hit Bio Plastic Ballpen

Made from renewable raw materials, durable and biodegradable. The ballpen for your environmentally conscious brand presentation, fitted with large capacity Magic Flow refill.
Prices From: £0.18

Dart Basic Ballpen

Opaque high-gloss finish ballpen with white barrel, and coloured clip. Fitted with large capacity Magic Flow refill.
Prices From: £0.35

Challenger Polished Plastic Ballpen

Opaque high-gloss finish ball pen with distinctive barrel and curved clip. Fitted with large capacity Magic Flow refill.
Prices From: £0.60

Nature Plus Ballpen

Genuinely biobased ball pen made from renewable resources. Fitted with large capacity Magic Flow refill.
Prices From: £0.27

Challenger Recycled

Retractable Ball Pen with a matt finish. The senator® bestseller is now even more sustainable. Produced in Germany with CO2 neutral green electricity and the visible parts made of recycled material.
Prices From: £0.35

Liberty Anti Bac

Retractable ball pen with antibacterial surface, tested according to ISO 22196. Fitted with long life Magic flow black ink refill.
Prices From: £0.33

Liberty Clear Plastic Ballpen

Transparent high-gloss finish ball pen, fitted with large capacity Magic Flow refill.
Prices From: £0.32

Calico™ Anti-Bac Ballpen

Guarantees effective anti-microbial protection. Manufactured from ABS plastic. Added inorganic silver antibacterial powder as an active antibacterial ingredient. Safe and nontoxic. Made in line with EU RoHS requirements. Black ink.
Prices From: £0.31

Contour® Extra Ballpen

Attractive retractable ballpen with white body, chrome fittings and a comfortable coloured rubber grip.
Prices From: £0.41

Contour® Digital Ballpen

Plastic push-button ballpen with coloured grip. Patented barrel allows for superior quality printing.
Prices From: £0.56

Contour® Digital Eco Ballpen

Recycled plastic ballpen with a rubberised colour grip.
Prices From: £0.25

Express - Absolute® Frost Ballpen

Frosted contemporary version of the Absolute™ Ballpen with large print area and polished clip.
Prices From: £0.43

Absolute® biofree® Ballpen

Inbuilt antimicrobial protection and offered with our industry-first Biomaster antimicrobial spot colour print or standard full colour print.
Prices From: £0.38

Express - Absolute® Extra Ballpen

Two-piece construction ballpen with generous print area on barrel for up to 6 colours.
Prices From: £0.43

Albion Grip Ballpen

Retractable ballpen with rubberised grip suitable for full colour printing over the entire barrel.
Prices From: £0.28

Harrier® Nouveau Frost Ballpen

Retractable frosted ballpen with a large print area.
Prices From: £0.23

Contour® biofree® Ballpen

Attractive retractable ballpen with specially formulated biofree® additive that provides continuous antibacterial and antifungal protection, and cleans the pen of microbes as you use it. White body, chrome fittings and a comfortable coloured rubber grip. Colour range includes 5 popular colours.
Prices From: £0.31

Express - Contour® Ballpen

Attractive push-button retractable ballpen with translucent body, chrome fittings and a comfortable rubber grip.
Prices From: £0.19

Supersaver® Colour Ballpen

Incredible value ballpen in a range of bold colour options.
Prices From: £0.19

Supersaver® Twist Frost Ballpen

Including Argent, line colour print. Budget-friendly twist-action ballpen with an appealing frosted finish.
Prices From: £0.51

Spectrum Max® Ballpen

Retractable ballpen with chrome trim and a comfortable rubberised grip.
Prices From: £0.89

Stealth UV Marker

Full colour print High-quality UV marker in leak-proof polypropylene body. Can be used for the secret marking of possessions or for making invisible notes that can only be seen under UV light.
Prices From: £0.25

Express - Absolute® Colour Ballpen

Solid coloured barrel version of the Absolute™ Extra Ballpen made from high-grade ABS with highly polished barrel and clip.
Prices From: £0.29

Supersaver® Extra Ballpen

Retractable ballpen with a generous print area.
Prices From: £0.73

Spectrum Hi-Max® Ballpen

Handy plastic ballpen and yellow highlighter in one. Includes a coloured rubberised grip and a stylus nib compatible with any touchscreen device.
Prices From: £0.50

Contour® Digital Touch Ballpen

Curved ballpen featuring a large branding area, chrome trim and a tactile rubberised finish with integrated stylus.
Prices From: £0.39

Supersaver® Foto Ballpen

Colourful retractable push-button ballpen available in a choice of 8 trim colours.
Prices From: £0.16

Supersaver® Click Ballpen

Budget-friendly promotional pen with an opaque white barrel. Available in a choice of 8 coloured trims.
Prices From: £0.37

Harrier® Nouveau Ballpen

Full colour print. Push-button ballpen with a uniquely designed clip in a range of colours.
Prices From: £0.90

Quad Ballpen

Transfer printed. Retractable ballpen with black, blue, red and green colour refills.
Prices From: £0.39

Albion Ballpen

High-quality push-button ballpen made from durable ABS in a range of statement colours.
Prices From: £0.40

Alaska® Frost Ballpen

Twist-action ballpen in frosted finish with stylish satin silver trim.
Prices From: £0.37

Digimax® Ballpen

Full colour print. Budget-friendly push-button ballpen with a large branding area and printable clip.
Prices From: £0.69

Magnet Pen

Full colour print. Flat magnetic ballpen.
Prices From: £2.94

Biofree® Duo with Full Colour Absolute® biofree® Ballpen

Card pouch with Absolute® biofree® Ballpen and 20ml credit card shaped hand sanitiser.

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